Speed Up Your Internet Connection - Guide To Make Your Internet Go Way Faster!

Everyone Wants a Faster Speed For Their Internet Connection

The first thing you'll need to know is this:

How truly fast is your Internet is?

There's a lot of tools that you can use online to find out what is the download speed and upload speed of your internet connection.

We recommend to use that is free online tools to test your internet speed online.

When you use this website it will tell you the actual download speed and upload speed of your internet connection.

How to perform a speed test?

One more thing before you perform a speedtest

Make sure that your computer/laptop is connected thru hardwired connection instead of a wireless connection and no other device that is currently connected to the internet.

Step 1

Open a browser, internet explorer, firefox, or google chrome, and type in the address bar "" at the very top and press enter.

Once the website come up, just click on start to begin the test.

When you run a test it will takes only a couple of minutes to get the result of your speed test.

It will exactly tell you what speed that you are getting from your internet service provider.

Step 2

Once you have the result of your speed test and you are not getting the speed that you are expecting. You need to call your internet service provider.

You will not getting the right speed as soon as you are connected wirelessly, and it should be a hardwired connection which is a direct connection to your modem not to your router as we mentioned above.

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Step 1

Make sure that your computer is not running any unnecessary applications in the background because this will considerably affect your internet speed and slow things down, but finding out how that happening can be a bit complicated. 

It would be better to ask an I.T. guy or an expert for help.

Step 2

Get involve by Clearing Your Cache, Cookies, and Internet Temporary Files

   a) Chrome: Press CTRL H on your keyboard 

   b) Click Clear browsing data 

   c) and select the blue button below CLEAR BROWSING DATA

Step 3

Change Your DNS Server Settings into Static:

   a) Go to the Control Panel.

   b) Click Network and Internet and select Network and Sharing Center and click Change adapter settings.

   c)  Select the connection to configure your Public DNS Server

   d) Select the Networking tab

   e) Click Advanced and select the DNS tab and replace with your DNS Server

   f)  Click OK. That's it!

Step 4

Uninstall unnecessary programs. 

Your Internet connection requires space from your computer for your memory to be able to read and process at the speed you are paying for from your internet service provider. 

If you have a lot of files that being saved or installed from your computer, your computer might have a slow response any activity from internal process.

So, uninstall unnecessary programs as soon as you are no longer using it.

Step 5

You can also refer to the video below to speed up your internet connection by changing some settings from your registry.

Before you make any changes from your registry make sure you did back-up the settings from your registry by clicking the FILE MENU and select EXPORT and SAVE IT to your desktop. 

Whatever happens to the settings that you did make any change, if it is not successful, you can simply restore the original settings by double clicking the registry file which is your backup file.

Refer to the video below:

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